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Our menu features only the best, freshest made concessions for your next event. All of our products are made that morning to ensure you and your guests experience the best in fun festival food!


Cotton Candy

   *Freshly spun at the festival or event

Candy Apples

   *Granny smith apples hand dipped in a glossy cherry flavored coating

Frozen NY style Cheesecake on a stick

   *Frozen NY style cheesecake hand dipped in luscious chocolate. Served on a wooden skewer. Absolutely decadent!!!

Funnel Cakes

   *Perhaps the granddaddy of all festival treats!

Frozen Chocolate Dipped Bananas

   *Frozen bananas on wooden skewer that are dipped in chocolate and rolled in your choice of chopped peanuts or sprinkles.

Italian Ice

   *A perfect summer treat in a variety of flavors such as rainbow, cherry, blue raspberry, strawberry, and mango


   *Freshly squeezed to order and made the right way using only lemons, sugar, and water.

This menu is flexible and can include other items such as corn dogs, blooming onions, deep fried pickles, hot dogs or many other items !

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